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We analyze Aviation Data from ADS-B sources and develop Analytical Dashboards to better understand BIG data.

You Provide the Data, We Design the Tools for Analyzation

About Us is a startup founded by Mario Trunz that takes Aviation Flight Data from sources such as ADS-B and make it look pretty. We built our own tools that analyses those Flight Data and design our own outputs to express the Data in new and interesting ways.

Our Projects

A320 Family Archive Project

Launched officially in 2016, this project is one of the biggest sites tracking the Test & Delivery Flights of the Airbus A320 Family. It covers full Production Lists  and provide tools to Analyze Test Flight Activity in the past.

Aircraft Profiles

Each Aircraft have their own Profile and consists of beautiful full-width Photos from the local Aviation Community, basic Aircraft Information and Full Aircraft Test Flight Activity. The Flight Activity consists information such as Registration used, Callsign, Hex Code and Date & Time of Test Flight Activity. Additionally, each of the profiles automatically calculate the Total Flight Time as well the Flight Time for each individual Flight.

Flight Analysis

One of the biggest feature on the Aircraft profiles are the Flight Analysis Map & Graphs. Each Test Flight can be analyzed with actual Flight Data (where data is available).

In Depth Statistics

The Project also provides In-Depth Monthly and Yearly Delivery Reviews, including a breakdown for each Aircraft Type, Airline and Final Assembly.

Custom Aviation Infographics

We develop custom Infographics based on ADS-B Aviation Data to show Flight Analysis, including using Maps to show Flight Paths and Graphs to show parameters such as Altitude, Speed, Heading and more.


Infographic created by

Aircraft Profile of the A320 Family Project

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If you have an idea about analyzing a Flight of your interest, contact us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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